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Reflective Stories and Meditations

The Road to The Cross

One of five thousand - One of the crowd who ate the loaves and fish reflects on the journey of the man that they wanted to 'make King by force.'

Bartimaeus - The story of the blind man who was healed by Jesus on his way to Jerusalem.

Thomas - Thomas's reflections on the raising of Lazarus and the subsequent events.

A woman of Bethany - The anointing of Jesus feet at the house of Simon the Leper.

The Donkey owner - Qusheh was a stubborn donkey. Well at least she was until two Galileans turned up and asked to borrow her.

A pilgrim - The journey to that Passover was somehow different, and it was 'he' that made it so different!

A market trader - It wasn't just the tables that Jesus overturned that day.

A serving boy - Preparing the upper room for the guests was a busy time, but did Joseph forget, or was it meant to be?

The gardener - The gardener had spent many nights in Gethsemane but none of them had been quite like this.

Before The Cock Crows - As Peter is ushered into the courtyard of the High Priest's palace it is inevitable that he will be challenged about his relationship with Jesus, but how will he react?

Pilate - It's always a mistake - to look at the man you are condemning! But this man? Well that was a big mistake!

The soldier - Who was in charge at Jesus' crucifixion? Who was really giving the commands?

A thief - A shared experience in death and in life.

The centurion - This was no ordinary death, no ordinary death at all.

Joseph - As Jesus is laid to rest - even now he is loving, even now he is giving himself in love.


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