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Reflective Stories and Meditations


As Zachariah enters the temple to burn the evening incense sacrifice he has no idea that his life and the course of the whole world are about to be changed.

The visitor - Mary has a strange visitor with news that requires a response, a response only she can give.

A shattering blow - Joseph receives news that sends his head spinning, but what is the right thing to do?

Shalom - Joseph and Mary travel to Bethlehem. On the way Mary meets God in the wonder of dawn and knows that this is the day that heaven and earth have been waiting for.

A new dawn - Three shepherds begin the night as they always did - lonely and full of haunting regrets. But they could never have imagined how this night was going to change everything.

The shepherd's tale A Bethlehem shepherd tells of his experience as Angels told him of the birth of a child in the town. The squalid conditions and his frightened parents were not really what he expected. Could this be the Messiah the angels spoke of?

Another Jewish boy - Another Jewish boy is circumcised. Another boy to enter the fight against Rome and the occupation. How Mary holds her child close as she hears these words.

The waiting is over - It is time for Mary's purification and Jesus' dedication. Mary and Joseph make their way to Jerusalem and to the temple, but they are not the only ones shuffling through the temple courts that morning.

The wisdom of the wise - Palika is woken as his master runs around the house shouting excitedly. His excitement is shared by his friends, and so begins a journey which leads to the most extraordinary ending.

The donkey's tale - If Joseph's donkey could talk what would she have told of these events?

The dog's tale - If the Bethlehem shepherds had a sheep dog what would their story be?

A pint of the best - The Inn-keeper views his customers with quiet distain and it is no different when a desperate young couple turn up as well. But something manages to pierce that hard and cynical shell and before he knows it the Inn-keeper is doing things he never expected.

Finding the place - Gabriel's reflection on his role in the Christmas story.

He has been mindful - Mary's wonder at being chosen for such a task.

Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh - Palika's reflections on the presents he carried so far.

What can I give him? - The Christmas invitation.

The light of the star
A Magi's experience as he wrestles with the invitation that the star seems to be offering.

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