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Billy Stories - About Billy

Billy is a 10 year old boy who lives with his Mum and sister in Driptown. His adventures are set in the context of his home, family, school, friends and his heroes - Mick Muscle (a champion wrestler), Jacko (a famous Juggler), Mercury Man (a super-hero) and Billy Blockem (a player in his beloved 'Driptown United). In each of his adventures Billy faces challenges and has opportunities that help him learn about himself, the world and others in many different ways.

The stories deal with issues of achievement, relationships, family, friendship, aspirations, value, self-worth, bullying, honesty, forgiveness and much more. They are stories that are designed to stimulate discussion and reflection as children follow Billy through the different events, decisions and consequences that make up each adventure.

If you read these stories with or to children, individually or in classes or groups, follow them up with questions such as:

How did Billy feel at different moments in the story? Have you ever felt like Billy did? How did other characters feel? What did Billy learn? What would you have done if this had happened to you?

The stories were originally written to be 'told' and have been enjoyed by several thousand children in school assemblies, children's clubs and other activities over the past 15 years. In fact many of the children in Beccles over the past decade have grown up with 'Billy stories.' I regularly come across young adults now in their 20s who tell me that they remember them from their days at primary and middle school and can recount them in detail.

The stories were originally written to support and illustrate different aspects of Christian teaching and moral and ethical issues that are often the themes for school assemblies. However, they work both as just fun stories to tell or read and as tools for discussion and learning. They are aimed at average - good 8- 11+ year old readers. I have found that they work equally well when told to groups, read with individuals, or read by children.

The stories are about a boy and as such pick up many themes that appeal particularly to boys. However, I have found them to be equally appreciated by boys and girls alike. Teachers have remarked though that one of their strong points is the ability to capture the attention of boys in ways that many stories fail to do.

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